Nonton Tutorial: Procedural hatching and manga shaders for EEVEE Blender


This is a tutorial for Procedural crosshatching, line and screentone shaders.
You can download the shaders and tutorial files here:

Models used in the examples examples:

Sam Bowmans procedural series

Also feel free to check out my anime inspired cloud brush pack here:

00:00 intro
01:00 Example Realistic hatching on Link by theStoff
02:04 Example 2 screentones on Hotaru By Ruki
04:24 Base shader
09:33 Little hatching shader
11:47 Patch hatching
16:56 Interlocking cross hatching shader
20:08 dotted line shader
23:42 Corsshatching shader
28:55 Manga screentone shader
33:21 Grey underpaint shader

Download Link