Nonton How to paint anime eyes – digital painting tutorial


This is my first video tutorial for painting anime eyes. Here you’ll be able to see my whole progress how I paint eyes (and skin)… I also explained which tools I used, Opacity, layer modes…and such. At first I just draw/sketch the eye, then I show you how I color it (black and white technique) and at the end it comes coloring and finishing the painting I hope you’ll learn something new. And I also played music at the end of the tutorial. It’s actually a little longer, but I put just the end of the song here (I needed few days to made up a song)…and I draw semi-realism anime style. This is not tutorial for moe.

+ Adobe Photoshop CS6 (painting)
+ tablet Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch Special Edition M
+ original size is 1657 x 928 px
+ I drew this 1 hour (too much )

+ Finished drawing from this tutorial you can see here:

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