Nonton Love, Murder And Deceit – Full Drama Movie


For how long can you cope with a life that treats you with ignorance?
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Caitlin Cory, aware of the advances made by her attractive stepson Eric, tries to adjust with her workaholic husband who treats her like a trophy wife. A bored and forlorn Cory is denied of her career opportunity and leads an uneventful life until she finds her husband cheating on her. Eventually, she sleeps with Eric at his lakeside cabin. Richard, on learning about his wife’s affair, is outraged and directs his aggression first towards his wife and then his stepson. What follows is a series of thrilling events with unexpected consequences. It is an engaging suspense thriller made by Carlton Media for CBS television.
Director: Mary Lambert
Cast: Joshua Morrow, Rachel Ward, Terry O’Quinn
Date: 2000

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