Nonton Chinese Kungfu Film Classic "The South Shaolin Master" – Best All Time


The narrative centres on a nomadic opera troupe who travel to various towns as part of their nationwide tour and astound the locals with their skills. When visiting a coastal town, one of the young performers becomes involved in a market brawl after two local bullies begin to push their weight around. The righteous young performer is saved from a vicious beating at the hands of the thugs by a mysterious fighter who uses his sublime abilities to save the day. After this heroic deed, the stranger befriends the opera troupe and is accepted as one of their number by the usually suspicious entertainers. He gradually reveals to his new friends that he is a former Shaolin student and a staunch patriot – readily opposing the Manchu rulers. Unfortunately these honourable traits are of great interest to the Manchu agents who are looking to destroy any rebellion against the corrupt system. On finding their target, the agents try to capture him but, after he escapes, kill a great portion of the opera troupe instead. A further attempt to kill their patriotic enemy sees the cost of yet more innocent lives as they try viciously to bring him out of hiding. Knowing that the time to stand up for righteousness is finally here, the ex-Shaolin student organises the remaining opera troupe members into a militia to combat the powerful foes. In a finale filled with glorious fight action, the time for revenge is realised and the battle between good and evil once again takes place.

Chiu Jian Guo – Lin Hai-nan
Li Yan Long – Liang Shao
Zhong Xiao Zhen
Lu Yun Ling

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