Nonton Stone Cold Classic 3000 – Tigerstar's Rise and Fall AMV


WOOOOHO Finally its done!!! I started this beast in january and have worked really hard on it since then, now it has about 1500 frames and ist to date my biggest project.

I haven’t read the books since somewhere in 2016 so excuse my lack of scenes ect. buuuut i didn’t have enough time in the song to pack everything anyways ‘:D I also fumbled the editing quite a but but at this point I just wanted to get this thing done ‘:D
I wanted to upload it on my birthday (the 23rd) but editing took longer then expected.
OH AND THANK Y’ALL FOR 5K+ SUBSCRIBERS!!! It’s so amazing how you support me and I’m forever grateful!!

So I really hope you enjoy it :))

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Programs: Paint tool SAI ; Sony Vegas Pro 13
Characters: All out of the Warriors series by erin Hunter
Art: Luniper / Luca (me)
Music: Stone Cold Classic 3000 by AKA George

Download Link