Nonton Pokémon「AMV」Ash x Serena


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Little Bit of Catching Up… (Please Read Description For What Happened)
Hey what’s up guys and gals it’s been awhile, well two years is a long time and many think I’m dead and so but I’m still kicking about. Sorry that I haven’t upload a AMV video in all this time I have been busy and personal stuff happened in my life where I had to get off this Youtube channel for a while. As well as I lost my motivation to make AMVs as my main content. Well I’m back to making videos especially with this pandemic that’s going on and I’m bored AF so why not make a video on Pokemon with Ash and Serena from X&Y series which I finished watching because I had nothing else to do during this pandemic and I’m glad I watched it since the series was amazing and I fell in love with it. So with that being said I’m pretty sure like 90% I’ll be back for now and hopefully make more AMV content for people to watch and enjoy. As well when this pandemic is going on I could focus more on my videos with enough free time. I’m also thankful for reaching 500+ subs and can’t thank you all enough. Anyway hope you all enjoy this video and as Professor Kukui says “Enjoy”.

Song: Senorita
Artist: Camila Cabello, Shawn Mendes
Anime: Pokemon X&Y

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