Nonton MusicalBasics & Jonathan Morris – EPIC and BEAUTIFUL piano – "Living In The Shadows"


MusicalBasics & Jonathan Morris – EPIC and BEAUTIFUL piano – “Living In The Shadows”
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I was delighted to be able to collaborate with MusicalBasics for this latest video. We decided that he would write a piece in 1 hour and that I would finish it. I ended up putting my own mark on the music, but I kept the harmonic and melodic framework. It was really fun to be able to do this project as I haven’t tried anything like it on YouTube before.

Check out MusicalBasics’ channel here:
Video about composing this piece:

As part of the project, I was asked to imagine a story for the anime character. This is what I came up with:

This piece is about the struggle of being separated from the people you love. I imagine the anime character being forced to walk a lonely path by an otherworldly force.The music reflects their struggle to find their way home by trying to understand this force that is holding them back.Through overcoming a series of challenges, they are able to find the strength to return home, but only after numerous failed attempts and dangerous encounters. I thought a piece like this would be especially fitting during this time of coronavirus since lots of people feel disconnected to others around them. I hope it can uplift the spirit of anyone who feels this way and give them hope.

To convey the subtle changes in mood of the anime character, I was very specific in the harmonies I chose while thinking about changing the textures or harmonies. Contrasting more flowing textures with lilting or static passages also adds to these subtleties. For the changes between battle-like and more lyrical melodies, I added transitions and buildup textures to intensify the mood, and I wrote delicate, intimate motifs for the beginning and end.

Stay safe and strong!

~ Jonathan

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