Nonton at a dreams mercy AMV (sky cotl) // flipaclip


“if it’s already this far, how can i even say the truth?”

hi. guys…..this took too long and it looks kinda lazy and off?!?! (you can see some parts are kinda rushed/lazy as i slowly give up)

it’s tamago’s (kakashi hair men) story.
don’t worry, recently i’ve been pretty not interested on sky (but no) so i might probably make some oc content!! i don’t know but this is originated from 30 sec pmv but my mind decided to torture self

there’s also some of my close friends sky ocs in the end
song :
time taken : 2 weeks (started at 21th oct)
used : flipaclip + am (bit of effect)
ocs with my awesome explaining skills :
– tamago (kakashi bat cape)
– sho ( @laziisilko , conehat thingy fur cape)
– hiyo (pigtails fur cape)
– chroma (short hair)
– omu (dora hair winter cape)
– gilgamesh (@Tufferq ! )
– jiyu (@nepetawastaken)
– yari (@kytewing)
– kia (@rei_akame)
– skyi (@angel.kujo)
– ojiji (@w0hvln)
– starpy and ren (@starv10 and @rengoeswhoosh)
– ??? (endpart)


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