Nonton 300 Spartans VS 20,000 Persians(Animation Upgraded) – Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator


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Disclaimer: This battle is not meant to be historically accurate. Since the start, animation has been a epic battle in itself with this crowd system due to how the tech works. This week I made some amazing progress on the animation side. Animations now have pre computed crossfading, eliminating strange artifacts and jitters in the characters which you may have noticed in previous videos. Characters movement appears far more natural and fluid than in previous versions.

This battle contains 2 new characters. Spartans are in the hero class are fairly over powered. They aren’t necessarily a one man army though, as their strength exponentially increases in numbers due to their tight formation and spear range.

PC Specs:
GTX 980TI, i7 6700k, 16 gigs ram.

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