Nonton My Hero Academia S3 OST – Emotional & Epic Music Mix


My Hero Academia S3 OST – Emotional & Epic Music
~ United States of Smash! ~


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Track list:
0:00:00 Katsuki and Izuku (You Say Run v3 + Bombing King)
0:02:58 One for All vs. All for One (Midoriya vs Muscular)
0:06:00 Light of Hope
0:08:19 United States of Smash! – Allmight with U.A. Students
0:10:45 From Me to You
0:12:02 Be a Hero
0:14:43 Yuga Aoyama
0:16:48 Overhaul
0:18:35 Battle of Deku
0:20:38 2 Heros
0:24:02 Isolation
0:27:03 Combat License!
0:29:24 My Hero Is Our Hero
0:33:12 Mirio

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