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Hello, Everyone, it is your Blue Haired Majin here!
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Credit goes to my Brother: MajinGreen check him out if you want 😀

So guys,
This Track is done by my Beloved Brother ^^ unfortunately, his Channel don’t reach the Castlevania Community yet so I just did a Reupload in case that someone is wondering [Yes I have Permission from my Brother (He even asked me tho XD)]

Well Well Well… if that isn’t CastlevaniaSeason2 ^^

TBH I have to say this Anime is a Dream of me that came True I can’t show how much I love this Anime, I mean THIS is a PERFECT Anime at every Point I had such a Great Time with it… but unfortunately, it’s too difficult to Top that Season.

It’s the Best Anime I ever saw and also my Favorite Game I ever played (Castlevania Curse of Darkness)

And it just makes me happy that Hector even got a Role to here… I prayed for it XD

I hope you like it see you later!
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