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Hey guys! So finally It is here! God putting this project together was such a long process but hah! here it is XD I hope all of our hard work was worth it and i hope you guys can enjoy it, just wanted to say special thanks to MissTitannia for keeping me company through editing this as she always does and also beta testing it ^^ So yeah also please dont get sad or mad if you don’t see ur fav battle in this I am planning on making a second one in the future and maybe even a third so write in the comments which battle you would like to see next time and I will try to have it on the next vid 😉 Enjoy, As always stay tuned for more and Peace out! :’D

Editors that took part in this Project:

Part 1 DanParthenis with Ulqiorra Vs Ichigo
Part 2 MrSoNgO with Ichigo Vs Ginjo
Part 3 GiaQuando with Roy Mustang Vs Lust
Part 4 WorldOfLapar with Saber & Archer Vs Berserker
Part 5 FoxTamerMGO with Kakashi Vs Obito
Part 6 MrSoNgO with Meliodas vs Hendrickson
Part 7 MrSoNgo with Kagami Vs Aomine
Part 8 Karrask0 with Eren Vs Annie
Part 9 DanParthenis With MissTitannia Akame Vs Esdeath
Part 10 XItachiSamaX Itachi Vs Sasuke
Part 11 Contage with Gon Vs Pitou
Part 12 67TheShadown Natsu Vs Jellal
Part 13 LightningArrow AMV with Jonathan Joestar VS Dio Brando
Part 14 VikAMV with Luffy Vs Shiki
Part 15 KillerHacking with Kaneki Vs Jason
Part 16 MaxotsAmvs with Minato Vs Obito and kurama
Part 17 Summon3141 with Kurapika Vs Ubogin
Part 18 Trenzilla with Ryuko Matio Vs Satsuki Kiruin
Part 19 FrAMV with Simon Vs Spiral
Outro DanParthenis

Honorable Mention to Omaren O who had an issue with this part and so sadly it couldn’t be part of the final mep :/
p.s. special thanks to FireBoyAMV for letting me expand upon his idea of his own series


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