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00:00 Break Beat Bark!
04:05 longing
07:49 fight!
09:50 Light your sword
11:49 Luminous Sword
14:11 I will fight with you!
15:03 Climbing Up The World Tree
18:12 Gunland
20:06 delete
25:00 She’s a Knockout
26:53 She Has to Overcome Her Fear
30:40 She Has a Luminous sword
31:37 Quickly and Without Fail
33:30 Let’s join swords
36:17 Defeat Him and Get It
39:29 Survive the swordland
41:46 Confront battle
44:27 Ubiquitous dB
49:16 We Have To Defeat It
51:01 fight in the OS
52:21 False King
56:39 Something wrong is happening
59:06 Another field to overcome

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►Composed by Yuki Kajiura

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